Found in Love


Found in Love

I am a seeker of divine Love
I found you
you’re the heartbeat in my chest
you’re the thought that rushes through and puts the sparkle in my eye
the light force within me
that ravishes me with glory
the warm hug that roars through me like thunderous horses galloping on the waves of heaven
sweet chariot of heaven
the one that carries me up high through the sky
the one who draws me near
this place of surrender
where I melt into spectacular wonder one of which no words could contain

The more that I seek you
The more I find you
This is more than a song
This love grows deeper
Every second
This longing
This ocean swelling
The waterfall cascading
Overshadowing everything but
A sweet overwhelming peace
That carries me up
Like the wings of eagles
Far beyond what my heart alone could see
I step forward to see your face closer
The smile upon your face
Is like the cool breeze blustering through my being
With a newness of life, I’ve yet to taste
Lay back into the arms of heaven
breath of love,
I melt into you
Carry me
Carry me away
Carry me into the wild passionate river
river of life that rages through my veins
A deeper love I could not stand
To sit in this place
To behold such beauty
Is to live in an elated state
Let me taste this cup
every moment that I breathe
Let me always remain in Love
and Love let you always remain in me


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