Being Passive Is a Discipline

This post is from Rebecca Trotter, fellow Odd Duck, my sister, my best friend, fellow author, a Great woman of God who has much to teach the world. Especially about humility and grace under fire. Enjoy, I know this is the food we all need. Rebecca and I, for almost a year now, have been... Continue Reading →

Holes In His Hands

Through the holes in His hands, my heart was healed. To be like him means I've got to let it all go Beyond the madness Beyond the tears Walk past the chains Walk through the fears. To begin the process of going You must first let it all go Like waterfalls of grace Glory light... Continue Reading →

Disciplines of Christ

"The words I speak are not my own " Jesus said and I get that. So much to say but when I write it's never about my need, my want or even what I think. It's the word of the Lord I feel, taste, smell, touch, moving around alive in me.¬† Jesus became the living... Continue Reading →

Fixership Is Not Relationship

Fixership¬†is a form of religion, not relationship. A person with a Fixerships mentality cannot enter into the true biblical and kingdom version of relationship with anyone outside of their kind of people. They will tell you, "You are Valuable." In religion, they will tell you Jesus paid the price for you. But to them personally,... Continue Reading →

Machine, Soil, Glory, Flow

It has not been very comfortable obeying God these last few weeks. How many know He stretches us. Feel out of alignment? Ya, you should. God's not static. He's always moving when He shifts hard right you may or may not shift hard right. Depends where you are in the machine. Are you a gear,... Continue Reading →

Seer Song

Oh, my feet have been on clay too long. Take me up Up Up Up Lost in your love Forgotten by time Captured inside the essence of who you are My Father. When I look into your eyes I find the me I so longed to know Who is this me And where has she... Continue Reading →

I hear I Am

Truth love They go hand in hand Worship relentlessly It's not a show to say look at me It's my only offering It's all I have to give You say I'm wrong That I hear him not I'm am not a freak I know proper prodigal I have chosen Reckless abandonment Because I believed God... Continue Reading →

Mountain of Love

Floating In the arms of love I know you don't lead your sheep to the slaughter. I know those before me heard the words You don't hear God too. You're going the wrong way Noah said. He sounded probably as foolish as I must sound. Oh Lord give me grace and mercy Give me endurance,... Continue Reading →

5 Fold, Inside Out

Been really contemplating the Macro 5-fold so much lately. I don't look at what's wrong. I don't watch tv read newspapers or do news. I listen to God love the person in front of me and I look at what's right, but as I look at a world in chaos I think we first have... Continue Reading →

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