In the Clouds of the Night


I am who I found myself to be
I found the treasure
I never knew I was
It was hidden form even me

And the extent of the journey
Tattered and torn
Yet new and alive
Such a tale I could not contrive
Wild and free
This is the Holy way
To be not be afraid or held by the day
To let the wind, mark your way
As if to say
I am the wind

I see the waters roar on the seaside of night
The glow of the white water
Under the moon not even showing
This light of majesty
That makes no sense to me
My night light in the sky
I see you dance
I watch you roll my worries from within on out
You pull them from within the depths of my unknown
and surface them to swell of the wave
But you don’t stop there
This God who cares
You let the tides rise
And you carry way my pain
Gone in
Up over and out
You part my red sea
You take me though
My God of water you are
Wash me anew
The substance of my tear
You are water
I am water
I feel the radiant sun
I felt he power
The warmth
The kindness on the chilly day
The guidance when I have lost my way
Radiant light
Is this God I known
My zealous passionate fire
By combustible storm
My why
God you are light
I am light
I am anything that is
I choose to be
I will soar up in the clouds of night
Or be the levy
That seals the water tight
Or maybe the child flying the kite
I could be the bird that spreads its majestic wings
Dipped in gold
Or the author to the greatest story not yet told
I could be a fish in the water
Oa monkey in a tree
So many things today I’d like to be
This is the fun in the fun of free
But for today
But I choose to be the masterpiece of me

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