Rubix cube of Heaven

Rubix cube of Heaven, God is order God is fullness God is balance God is a God of depth, which is volume God is a God of motion, which is flow God is a God of power, which is measurable energy God is a God of multiple dimensions, which is the beginning of science quest... Continue Reading →

My Halleluiah

  I will sing praises and exalt the king of kings the highest I don't care who is watching I don't care what you think I am to do I will sing my praises  through and through only to you my king of everything. I thirst for you The Lord of majesty is here though you... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Of Love

  The Mystery of Love evades me , the hold of Love arms on this earth has been rare. Love Love I have sought you. I have called out under the stars crying out to know; your name. Past a book, beyond a pretty song. I have cried the tears of a child God are... Continue Reading →

Beauty Beheld

The sound of heavens kiss falling like icicles, keys of love. Keys of hope keys of wonder take me over on under just take me through to the depths of you through my heart that beats and calls me home let it never be turned to stone that I may feel your heart beat for... Continue Reading →

The Pearls Are opening

MONDAY NIGHT WITH THE HOMELESS FAMILY AND FRIENDS TESTIMONIES THEY RE SAVED BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONIES AND THAT THEY LOVE THEIR LIVES NOT UNTO DEATH I don't ever write to say look at me. I don't write about the power of God. My perspective is the Love of God. That's what I pursue... Continue Reading →

With My Body I Worship Thee

I love to worship. Worship is how I found my way free and how I uncovered me. In my pursuit of understanding what is worship I have sung many songs, searched out many venues, avenues and suppliers in this very supernatural realm that meets earth. God started showing me recently that worship and sexual desire... Continue Reading →

Real Belief leads to productivity

Real believe leads to productivity There's a fire in my soul that is a wildfire of hunger, An aching that breaks me out of complacency and I am captured in this wonder of newness all around me. This morning was the first day since the anointing rested like a whirlwind on me and poured this... Continue Reading →

Found in Love

Found in Love I am a seeker of divine Love I found you you're the heartbeat in my chest you're the thought that rushes through and puts the sparkle in my eye the light force within me that ravishes me with glory the warm hug that roars through me like thunderous horses galloping on the... Continue Reading →

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