Real Belief leads to productivity

Real believe leads to productivity
There’s a fire in my soul that is a wildfire of hunger, An aching that breaks me out of complacency and I am captured in this wonder of newness all around me. This morning was the first day since the anointing rested like a whirlwind on me and poured this oil of gladness over me three weeks ago that I have felt the heaviness and the contentions in the atmosphere with such crushing force. As if to rip my inside out of me. This whirlwind of contentions. The first thought might be to hit the deliverance button but resist the urge to fix everything and make it go away. Step into the war in your head that is calling you out and ask the Holy Spirit, if I am the storm what do you have for me? Why Do I feel this strife, this contention, this resistance, this aching in my marrow that makes my cells want to implode from the inside out? It’s beyond hunger, it’s beyond urgency it’s a power that frustrates me because it is so bold and it is all flooding me in one direction TO BE PRODUCTIVE.  The winds in m e blows like I cannot deny when confronted with truth.
God has taught me so much in the throne room all day long in worship  for 8 years. I learned that God’s order is a big deal.

It’s not about rules of how to behave or else He’s going to hurt you or abandon you. (lol) Ya, that’s not God. Knowing God is a God of order is found beyond a phrase by really just taking the time to sit in the throne room resisting the urge to find truths in man’s just books  or in the latest podcast. It’s about sitting with him and listening with all your heart and attention having cleared everything aside to learn from Him with Him through Him  about Him.  He will teach you things men aren’t even talking about yet.  He will teach you  His order, where we fit in and how to move in His heart in the world in step with heaven carrying His power, wisdom, balance and Love to a the world around you but it begins with your world.

I realized 8 years ago I did not want what I could ask for.   I did not want I could imagine. I wanted the Ephesians more which God promised us. He says I promise you more than you can ask or imagine. So for the last 8 years, I didn’t think it was important what I wanted or what I thought about. I had wanted things for 45 years . I had asked for things for 45 years I had imagined for 45 years. He answered and gave it all.  He did, and I didn’t even know it was Him giving it to me then, that’s how cool of a God we have,   I  made mass amounts of cash, bought lots of stuff, had respect of government officials, executives, I was an important person who everyone wanted to be around but it mattered not.  It seemed to me that He said clearly I will give you your heart’s desire, what is it? In my heart, not in my words, I wanted to be the light of Jesus for all the world to see. Not to say see I’m good enough but to be their light bright, their night light, the shining spotlight that says there is more don’t quit and don’t settle and don’t be a machine. Be alive Be productive be the dream you are, make your reality heavens dream written in you and then BE it. Words are pretty, inspiration is wonderful but if we fail to believe God and arise then we really don’t believe a thing. Then its someone else gospel of truth but not ours. Jesus became the LIVING WORD. SO unless you’re living your truth you don’t believe it.

I know this is why the world is not storming the gates yet saying Give me your Jesus but alas God is a God of the process so I don’t have to think of when God will… I just have to see and feel and step into the heart of God and arise while dancing and singing in His presence in the heavenly realms everywhere I go. Multidimensional living is the gospel so if your not use to hearing that term, you might as well get familiar with it because If we are going to bring heaven to earth we might want to get use to the fact that truly earth isn’t the only place we live.  Learning to live in Heaven and earth at the same time is a journey.  wow

Real love says mmm yes the presence let me dance there with you but now take my hand and lets march through. This is real I love you. If you sit and listen to his whisper, you don’t have to struggle through contentions. Just rest in his promises, have confidence in Him but then remember He is melted into you so there is not a difference between confidence in Him and confidence in you because there is no separation.
Neurons must make way for such great truths to be multidimensional to actually live in heaven and to then learn to walk the high wire tightrope in the circus of life, with all its complexities, inconsistencies, and enigmas. If we could believe in Him in us is greater than the war that wants to rage in our head and leave; us in the counterfeit stillness which doesn’t move or grow progress or fruit, it says feel good but it takes your time, your opportunity, your progress and this is not consistent with a God who is always still but never static. He is always flowing moving multiplying and in all this, there are moments of a stillness that will carry you anywhere you ever need to go. I am grateful for the last 8 years of do nothing. Doing Gods prescribed nothing WAS HORRIBLE.  I did not go down easy. I was a slow sinking ship. If there was an idea in my head I wanted to make it into a business anything but nothing God I said.

Oh, its comical to think of me sitting for 8 years doing nothing. For those of you who have only known me for 8years, you have not idea the 45 years of GO -GO -GO,  Just Do it There is no  “No” Linda machine  that God had to decommission to rise up to Be me. I have worked between 60-90 hours a week since I was 15 years old until God said NO MORE YOU SIT at age 45.  When I didn’t listen I almost died at least 7 times, had multiple car losses, phone losses, housing losses, relationships taken. over and over. Need I say more?  ya I finally collapsed.  Its wiser to just sit but well I was a powerhouse He had to take down for my own good and for the walk I am to walk out in His kingdom which requires new thoughts, new pathways, different ratios, and a different WHY.

I was a Machine in business and then I became a Machine in the supernatural serving God, loving every person but those are two extremes that He illustrated to show me I was not made to be a machine but alive. So now I find my rest in Him. he undid me, made me sit in nothingness till I felt everything I was supposed to feel, untill I faced everything I was supposed to face, till I confronted myself, the things about me I wanted to run form because shame had me captive form even the fact that I was still captive to fear. Not fear of failure but fear of being seen, fear of relationships that are real, fear that what if the world was so amazing and bright and what if there was love and life in my life beyond the supernatural presence of God What is heaven really did explode in all realms of my life, in all dynamics, and if I believed it  within me. What if it exploded into my life in a tangible way undeniable.
It is, but what if I partnered with that?
What would that look like? How would that feel? Then what would my response be? I would have to step out in boldness while terrified. I would have to trust that life is born when we believe God in us and the promise ahead that we carry within our hearts as we dare to believe Yes this is for me.
As if it was in your control? smiles/ It is and it isn’t.
All of heaven has been given to you. It’s right there. But there are qualifications to receiving the abundance. Let not lie. there are. Something is always required. The desire to possess it, the belief that you re worthy isn’t just a thought. It’s a thought that propels you with such vigor and truth that you can no longer stay in nothingness. It doesn’t matter the obstacles or the words were spoken about who you are from those who know not what they say, no sickness stronger, no weakness bigger than the fire of love that is the power of God alive in you. At the end of the day, it goes back to what I taught my employees and mentees in business world Your response is what demonstrates what you believe. Character is not made when you are in the battle, character is revealed. It is in the battle we learn our true marrow. The things must fall and the things that must arise in us are illuminated. The battle or the obstacle you face today isn’t your problem but your pop quiz to see if you can demonstrate what you’ve learned.
So today We arise. That means we stay in his presence like raging storms that melt me into a flowing river of ecstasy as I walk through the readseas that have already been parted but need to be walked, cleared or left behind. Why Because He won’t let me go and I am not here for a party I hear to be one with Light Love and truth and change the world and have a party while we do it together in LOVE.imagesNL7AM2MQ

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