I walk and live a supernatural lifestyle as my reality. I live to be a conduit of my Fathers love because I understand that the Power of God is real, tangible and very present in our lives today. We all have the ability to see, But I am willing to look? God has shown me the simple truth that we all have eyes to see. There are many who would say “See What?” You’re ridiculous. and laugh away wisdom thinking its foolishness. To those people, I would say God uses the foolish to confound the wise. He calls us to trade our logic (our own understanding) for the more he promises us. So I’ve done it.
He still wows me in how much He lavishes upon me. I’m still in awe of me He is unveiling. I think to myself, “Wow is that really me?”
My prayer to be relentlessly in awe and consumed w the love of God, to be un-offendable and that nothing ever interferes with or comes before my love of, for and with Jesus., God Father, and Holy Spirit.

I am a Real Life SuperHero, and because He is my suit of armor, Because He lives with n me, His mind, His thoughts, His heart, His eyes, and words, I shake up the world like thunder, I color the sky. I am made in his image, I am an artist, a creator. The words I declare have power and what I speak happens. Though I am different, I am wired for brilliance, a mac in a pc world. I have been blessed to say I have had many great accomplishments. but the truth is my greatest accomplishments don’t belong to me, the ones that shine- well they belong to my Jesus.

I have made a lot of money, spoke in front of important people, had big jobs, owned houses, cars, trucks bulldozers and things but nothing is as great as the treasure of my relationship with Father God, My sweet Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.


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