written from the inside out standing on my head I am known for carrying the presence of God! is that "my oh look at me brag". not even close, here's the right glasses for my words LOVE/Jesus did it all for me, I just let go and abandoned all I thought I knew and feel... Continue Reading →

Never going to let ME go

  Never going to let ME go I have those moments, I'm no different than you I feel the ache of humanity' right here inside of me I feel pain just like you especially on those long hard days when my head is full and my hands are tired and all that's holding me is... Continue Reading →

What is Beauty

Silence all I hear is silence darkness all I see in nothing in front of me then a light emerges out of nowhere it glows in the darkness it's warm it's white it's gold it's wonder glory in the hole no atheist in a ditch because in the ditch the glory fills the space when... Continue Reading →

Light me up

Free flow in heaven a break from the earth this partial hell i know Sorry if that makes you squarm and squeak Its real its hell for many But take no worry his presence sets us free Deeper deeper deeper we shall go in tbe universe way past this natural sky To the place with... Continue Reading →

Only One are we Free

Only One are we Free The street lights of my life Scattered and dim Lonely cold raindrops one by one they fall Dreams that never were for the all Step away with me Step away Into the land of garden trees Where beauty blows with the breeze Come come alive Come alive Let the wind... Continue Reading →

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