In the Clouds of the Night

I am who I found myself to be I found the treasure I never knew I was It was hidden form even me Overwhelmed Perplexed And the extent of the journey Tattered and torn Yet new and alive Such a tale I could not contrive Wild and free This is the Holy way To be... Continue Reading →

Dance of Heavens Fire

  Dance here you have yet to dance Soar through the skies anew Discover the beauty undiscovered in you The God of one more chance Who doesn’t count your circumstance Sings a new song over you Will you sing Will you dance Will take the chance To be beheld in heaven glance Dancing Dancing Soaring... Continue Reading →

Symphony of creation

Symphony of creation silent concerto are the unspoken words of creation syllables of silence an opus to my soul; sing me a song I hear the wind call out to me I feel its kiss on my face An invitation the fire of love sears my heart I am a flickering light burning ascending blazing... Continue Reading →

Take the Red pill

The great commandment misunderstood no more in my heart has been set clear. Scroll in my hand Wind in my breath Fire before me This is my new Normal ,  I know the matrix is more than a movie and I live in my own Narnia I hope that doesn't offend you.  I don't lie... Continue Reading →


My only offering is my Yes All I can give you is my... Yes Everything I have and am, you supply my breath my life my heart my thoughts my joy my ability to feel pain the eyes of my heart that see compassion when I feel the heart of another my gifts my talents... Continue Reading →

Being Passive Is a Discipline

This post is from Rebecca Trotter, fellow Odd Duck, my sister, my best friend, fellow author, a Great woman of God who has much to teach the world. Especially about humility and grace under fire. Enjoy, I know this is the food we all need. Rebecca and I, for almost a year now, have been... Continue Reading →

My Emmanuel

  Drenched in this feeling I never want to shake your promise stills stands, you' re the God who doesn't lie You said you would come and make me your home you this God of peace when the world has said I was not enough and could never ever be you came into my heart ... Continue Reading →

Travelers Crown of Victory

Intercessors release Forerunners of travel Hidden from the world Not yet found But not from the God who sees and through His ferocious l8ve frees The God who lives and l9ves inside of me Moving here in front 9f me Calling out into the deep Filling the cavities of my soul up over around With... Continue Reading →

White Horse of the Galaxy

Above Time White horse come fly with me I send up my hearts desire without a single word and u come My favorite My best friend Beautys breath Heavens firA whisper in my ear You emesh me with your mane abaze Up we soar into the galaxy Stargate 9f heaven found in me Ignite me... Continue Reading →

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