Rubix cube of Heaven


Rubix cube of Heaven,
God is order
God is fullness
God is balance
God is a God of depth, which is volume
God is a God of motion, which is flow
God is a God of power, which is measurable energy
God is a God of multiple dimensions, which is the beginning of science quest
And Humanity’s call
The gates of heaven, the open portals in the sky
The key to our heart, the secrets of the universe
Parallel frequencies and convergences
Life brings death
Death brings life
Love is to birth, (life) as surrender, which is the ability to receive
Anger is to trust as trust is to anger which requires surrender
Fear is to birth as birth is to fear and which requires trust
Religion is to anarchy as anarchy is religion part of God’s full order
London’s wall is as Jericho’s
Every Humpty Dumpty must fall down
This is the beginning to order
ALL the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again
This is the beginning of wisdom
To be as a child is to see the fullness
To go back to the beginning and see through the end
Is balance
Around you like a kaleidoscope dancing in living color is a world of clues
Riddles and Rubik’s cubes of delight
Buried for the warriors in the fight
In the depths of LOve is many portals
Of which you have yet to know
Many places yet to go
Open wide swing ye heavenly gates
Open up the sky
Between me and I
Until all that’s left is you
And I am one with creation through and through
This is the meaning to one with you
Not one with I
Or one with me
But one with everything under the sea
And above the sky that is beheld within the father’s eye
THis is the tunnel of which we shall go
To the place only few will know
So fly away birdy
Take your wings to flight
The Lord of Host comes in the night
God is up and God is down
God is internal and external
God is through and GOD is the Red seas of life
We are
I am
Outside of LIGHT
Let He who has eyes to SEE now SEE
Open up the gates
Turn heavens key
Begin to be
Freedom’s calling me
Death could not hold what heaven had behold
It never could and it never will
There is no rival in Him
Yet we are always forever equal in Him
No names above any other
Except the ONE
Nothing can stand against
The one who breathed the stars to be
Drenched in majesty
Like a lantern to my soul
With embers of burning furry
A furry of love’s desire
For a God who is fire
Love LOve come alive and quicken me
Break the chains
Set the captives free
Ignite in me a passion
Let me never settle for a ration
Let me come running into the Father’s arms in sheer delight
And in the moments of the terror in the darkness of the night
Hope be still
Let my heart begin to wonder
To wrap my arms around beauty and sing a song of ecstatic bliss
As the thunder that echoes in the distance is your great affection for me. Through the valley of the journey and through the drylands
You opened of the doors to my mind
To lay down all I on my own thought i would find
To cry out in the room of shadows
Where the hail of death was scatter at my feet
Tattered and torn
Felt used and worn
You met me
Not far away
Not up high in the sky
But in look lost stare in my eye
I found you in the mirror
When the me I knew was gone
And in this place of brokenness
Emerged the dawn
Come running
Come running into the forest of my heart
Let my glory overtake you
Wildly ravished by my love
Over the mountains and to the depths of the sea
I find heaven chases me right back to me
The me I am
The me I was
The me of many places
THe me of many storms
THe me of many heartaches turned to stories that now bring smiles and are treasures of joy
Over the hill I have run with you
We have scattered the legions
We have seen death’s face fall
Beheld is a day of discovery
The springtime has come
Dancing with my Lover the one who holds my heart
The one who knew me at my end which was my start
He took me through the bees nest
He took out every sting
Then He said my beloved to you I will now sing.
He has sung to me with the flowers
He has sung to me through the trees
He has sung to me rewriting my perspective of the bees
WInter has passed this part of His song is now true
And all that’s left is to hear my Lover, my King , my Jesus sing
I Love You
SIng I love you with my life Lord
Let that be the song that we sing
To every person down and out and has lost everything
Let us bring Christmas cheer every breath we breathe within the year form the end to the beginning let this be the song to sing
I love you
humanities song
we together hand in hand sing
Behold the glory of the king
The author of everything
The one who lifts us up
The one who brings us down
Who consumes us with his fire
Melting us into his Holy desire
To be one with the Living Word
who came to die
and died to come
Because He was so in love with you
The song of all songs
Emmanuel is to be melted into
this truth that though the seasons may change
His love remains
you are faithful
you are always true
Joseph walked the path of many colors
Rubix cube He was
Rubix cube we are
WIsdoms is to know
that all the squares of life’s colors must come into one before they can be united with the other colors
for in the fullness of time
that is when we understand
the reason to the rhythm
this is why God is a God of wonder
to find the treasure
I must become heavens rocket ship

Blast off

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