Love is the engine pulling us forward anger is the caboose


Anger is a God-given emotion, The scriptures say that Love is slow to anger, which means that there is room in love for anger, Scripture doesn’t tell us not to get angry, it tells us not to sin in our anger. Shaming people even unintentionally for having God-given emotions shows lack of understanding to the order, process, and completion in the journey of the cross which is our gift from Christ Jesus.

To say anger comes from selfishness is not complete in wisdom. I say this because people frequently become angry on other peoples account, we see children mistreated, the poor oppressed and the vulnerable abused and it angers us as it should. It is this kind of unselfish anger that lead Jesus to tear up the marketplace outside the temple.

The problem in the world isn’t that we get angry; it’s that we don’t get angry enough. We run from anger and partner with the fear that we are not good enough or strong enough to walk through anger righteously as Jesus did. Eventually, we explode from pent-up anger we do not know how to control. The truth is we are one with God. If we are willing to walk through anger, right or wrong, we will find freedom. There is no fear in love. When we fear an emotion like anger, then we are not perfected in Love. We must be willing to feel and experience rather than suppress the negative emotions as well as the positive ones in order to enter into fullness with God.

Yet sometimes we should be angry on our own account. When we are mistreated or violated we should be angry. God’s first commandment is to love him above all else and to love our neighbor as ourselves. If we believe that we carry Christ in us, then it is only right that we would be angered by those who mistreat, violate, abuse and discard us. Yes, sometimes anger can come from selfishness but even then it’s usually from a place of feeling worthless inside and hiding behind a persona of what I should do coupled with the fear of lack or poverty in love, finances, resources relationships, or opportunity. Even when our natural anger comes from these places of selfishness, we are so one with God that we can trust him and to allow ourselves to feel all the emotions of God’s heartbeat, not just the happy, good, safe, dreamy ones.

The opposite of fear is anger. God gave us anger for a reason. When we are in the fullness of God we have both the capacity to get angry. It happens slowly, but it does happen. We see and feel the heartbeat of the Father who is Love so how could you not get angry when Love is not allowed to be seen felt or known? The fullness is both happy and sad, gracious and angry. God’s ways encompass all things. Even good and bad, dark and light is only Love in God’s hands. What God touches is light and Jesus. To enter the gate of thanksgiving you will have had to get angry along the way and trust God to know You are one even when you are angry.

Here is the vision God gave me to illustrate this: life is a freight train of wonder. Love is the engine pulling us forward and anger the caboose that provides the boost at the end to make it up the mountains and around the bends. He showed me that the Holy Spirit is like the steam created from the heat of God’s burning heart of love for us in our innermost places. The steam of GOD, Holy Spirit moves the engine that pulls us around and through many mountains, deserts, and valleys. In seasons of extremities of hot and cold, good and bad it pulls us and we will come to the truth that life happens. And anger is often what we need to push the seemingly endless tracks we travel. Anger is GOds whisper come running to me I want to have a conversation in the heavenlies, accessed through the doors of your heart so you. my beloved can walk it out Victory in the real time of now through the earth.

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