My Halleluiah


33178151_10216085064430020_2755880961072693248_nI will sing praises and exalt the king of kings
the highest
I don’t care who is watching
I don’t care what you think I am to do
I will sing my praises 
through and through
only to you
my king of everything. I thirst for you

The Lord of majesty is here
though you may not know his name
He love s you just the same
though minster men have spoken
calling him the angry God of wrath
one minute in his presence
I find myself in a quandary
for you are not the God of finger pointing shame
You are the God who says I love you
You are the gentle friend
You are The loving kiss
You are the tree that carries the beauty of the wind
You are the raindrops that fall from the skies
You are the beauty in the fall
You are the love I can not deny
You are the babies giggle
You are the broken-hearted cry when the world forgets my name
You understand because the world has forgotten your name
You are love,
worthy is the Lamb on high
My Lion who rides me on the clouds so high
My king
my everything
the holder of my time
the collector of all my grime
you wash a new
how on earth could this you do
I know who I once was
the wreckage I had become
WHo could walk through such storms of death and yet still stand
it’s not even possible
says the experts of men
but I know the God who says yes you can
My blood has poured out
the pain my body could no longer contain
heavens heart had fallen
into the pieces of my dismay
yet you were the God who picked me up
and carried me when I couldn’t see the way
when my ears were closed
when my eyes were seared shut
when I was the mummy in the tomb-like King Tut
ravaged in death
covered in shame
then you touched me with your love and I’ve never been the same
though my mother reviles me
though my father forgot my name
The father of all fathers said you bear my name
You lifted me up higher than my rocket ship could go
and now I know
I know a friend, I know a lover, I know a quiet
I know still moving a hundred miles an hour
I know my Halleluiah praise
Hallieulgh is the highest praise
you walk through the grave
but angels sing
hearts proclaim
this Emmanuel
who I give my highest praise
the hand he carries me through
the kiss that melts me into ecstatic bliss
the lover of my soul
you fill my thirst anew
morning dew
sudden rain
exploding thunder
rupturing of the depths arisen
shine your light
satisfier and restorer
my sweet serenade, my every dream come true
my violins that play and melt me into the fire of you
My Jesus
I sing my hallehuiah praise
my Emmanuel I sing in you

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