The Mystery Of Love



The Mystery of Love evades me , the hold of Love arms on this earth has been rare. Love Love I have sought you. I have called out under the stars crying out to know; your name. Past a book, beyond a pretty song. I have cried the tears of a child God are you there. Then the wind blew, the wonder fell, and heaven held down its hand and I began to see
Heres the truth of it all. I’ve walked through more than most humans should ever know, I have felt the sting the bite, I have heard the rattles of life. I have been shaken, crashed, crushed broken smashed up, poured out laid flat on my face over and over and over again. The goodness of God we so often misunderstand. He breaths His life to us in the most peculiar ways. But this one thing I am sure of that the overwhelming wreckless love of God is by far one of the most amazing things I have have ever known. That I could get it so wrong time and time, yet He would still be crazy for me. That I could carry the heart of my God that I could feel His thoughts, that I would know such a deep flowing, electrifying fire filled windblown love peace and joy that will leave you spinning for years, it will leave you often with tears, There is no wall he won’t kick down. There is no path He won’t take, there is not anywhere ever that the Love of God can elude me. He is all there is. He really is. HE is light and He is Love and I am His and this I know for a certainty I am loved. inside outside and every cell between this natural shell of a beautiful light storm that I am.
Singing over me you have been. With the words of heaven before I knew a thing. Before I was this person I now call me and when I got it all wrong, when I searched this canvas of this earth high and low through and through I found you. This love, this truth this place of existence which is a cosmic eruption of easy when the Lion roars within. White Horse, with the deep eyes of the divine, my love. my love, my heart beat with the hoofs that fly through the galaxies
fly your wings up high as I hold my arms stretched out in love locked gaze explosions of praise. alive alive alive alive beauty within me
I did nothing right nothing good to deserve a love that is a flow that floods me past the portion I could ever know. wretchedness of greed no more
emptied of the self I had become
now it’s me and my everything always who is
we are one
breath of breaths
in You, I have become
madness is the strife of man
climbing up the stairway of hell
yet there is beautiful in it all
this hide and go seek
where what you find is who you are
burning with the morning star
never ended
I Am you are
No nothing that could or ever has ever existed
would keep you from my heart
my lover
my mother
my father
my friend
my Jesus in me
my always present bliss
even when my worlds in trouble
when I don’t understand
the journey
the process
the way
yet this one truth I know without a single doubt
through every bit of it all
I am Loved
Of course, I am loved. I have become one with love, and I was born of Love, and the very essence of my being is formed from the fibers of Love, in the image of love. and by the hand of love. Love is all there ever was and love is all there will ever be, Love is the commotion as much as love is the ocean

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