Beauty Beheld


The sound of heavens kiss falling like icicles,
keys of love. Keys of hope keys of wonder
take me over on under
just take me through
to the depths of you
through my heart that beats
and calls me home
let it never be turned to stone
that I may feel your heart beat for humanity
one heart beat at time
one kiss at a time
one hug at a time
one hopeless tear wipes
one smile received
one opportunity found
let all poverty of love fall to the ground
let the world never know this path I have walked
is never the prayer I have to pray?
for I know the depths of you love are discovered in the most peculiar ways
lift up your heard oh child crying in the streets
your glory day has fallen
fallen like the keys that rain form the stars above
opening the chains and barriers to love
Let it be so
let your river flow
oh Lion of mine
my heart
my song
you re
I feel you roar through my marrow
you hold me like a sparrow
and you never let go
you are the heartbeat of humanity
living right in side of me
help me to be a better host
To treat the king of kings in me
as if He is the most
I believe in you
you re the God of miracles
I know your presence fills me up with passion fire
heavens love
full of desire
desire not for lust or empties
but for your glory to reveal my story
to rise me up
not to remove me from the discomfort
that breeds these seeds of light I have become
but for your glory
to reveal your story
to exalt your name
so that every man should know
God is among us
Divinity within us
is God alive where ever we go
So, flood me like a river
Consume with your fire
Oh my God in me
my Holy desire
come alive
You bring the dead to life
You have always been
you are my forever
my everything I am
My everything I see
My beauty
My heart
my treasure
my King
My heart that beats with in my chest
is my reminder to step by step
keep walking
through all the frustration
keep talking
melt into the music
lay yourself down
of the quarter note until you become the whole note.
In the silence He is speaking
He is found in every song o flight
there is not such a thing as a music
without beauty
for even pain in the father’s arms
is beauty beheld


One thought on “Beauty Beheld

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  1. Beauty Beheld… beautiful poem. Very deep. Heres somthing i wrote after my folks passed
    Good son
    I wasnt there the day mom died
    I think of that night oh how i cried
    I was at the lake pole in hand
    Teaching my boys to live off the land
    I do regret not being there you see a good son is what i tried to be
    We all pitched in when mom passed away
    taking care of dad making sure he was ok
    It was a hot day in July when he passed away
    Finally with the love he missed every day
    We had lunch the day he was set free
    A good son is what i tried to be
    Lifes full of lessons We all must learn
    My parents were loving honest and stern
    Now that theyre gone ive come to believe
    A good son is-what i tried to be

    If you made it this far thanks for reading


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