All we want is just to know your heart Father, keep us Here until we know with you we are one this is our prayer. This is our heart cry. We are friends, we all have our own stories, all superheroes in our own trilogy. We carry one another’s burdens, we lift one another’s heads. We are transparent, in our weaknesses, we are authentic in our love, and we are vulnerable with one another as we grab hands and walk forward jumping over the cliff of our own ambitions, our own aspirations, and our own abilities into the inner chamber of the heart of God to be one.
This is my tribe, within my tribe, started by Trish and Johnny Syrek,  run as a group and led by Holy Spirit.   Global Messengers of Hope is what we call ourselves.

There is no leader other than the Holy Spirit because we already know we are one, so we are living it out loud because our soul sings a love song from the Father to His Hidden Generals in the city streets at night.

Everyday should be Monday. Oh, how I wish I could just take the churches in small groups one by one outside of practicing religion and into the heart of a Father who will use their hands lead by His heart to supernaturally transform block by block of every city and every region until there is not one block in the world that isn’t filled with love.
There is not void in love. There is not a void in food. There isn’t. We declare a day has come where a wild fire of love will pour into the  churches so that they will come out of the churches and sit at the feet of Jesus in Love in action beyond doing but being,  beyond the persoonias and enter into the ocean of endless possibilities God has through genuine face to face, heart to heart and hand in hand love. Love beyond the hurts, Love behind the pain, Love behind the tears and the broken promise. Love behind the shame.

We all came one by one from nothing to somewhere we didn’t know where we were going. We all followed a voice we were told wasn’t there, to follow a God we were sure that we saw though many would mock us, though the struggle to learn to love was through blow by blows in storm after storms until we learned to surrender to the One who creates the storm and through laying our lives down and loving our own lives not unto death we have come out shinning embers of His glory. We shall emerge in the dawn anew. The darkness which has always been nothing is but an egg shell that’s sole purpose for existence was to proof the word of our testimonies and sear our truth deep with the cells that are the billions of particles that declare the glory of God with every breath that we take. Our Truth is LOVE IS THE POWER IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AND THATS JESUS
This was the prayer Mary and I prayed tonight. She’s an elderly disabled woman homeless on the streets. She is a beautiful woman who has come to dance, sing, eat, and pray with us with many others on Mondays. She is homeless and usually sleeps on the street but tonight she was blessed with a mat on the floor in a shelter after she left. Before she left We raised our hands and we all prayed 10-mile radius safety zone that no death, no torment, no sickness or oppression. We prayed and called for resources from the north south east and the west to build an infrastructure for the homeless to heal from sickness, trauma and what life has done to them, so they can find themselves in God and then in themselves with God as one, and then with all of creation as one. We prayed opportunities and business partnerships, so we can build entrepreneur opportunities for them after they go through all the work to take off all that was never them, so they can be who they always were and so badly wanted to be but could only be in Gods perfect Love and timing with hand of Love to hold them and love them through from death to life. This is what we prayed with the homeless gathered today. We sang, we danced we lived love out loud. One lady felt God fire burn through her cancer lump, so many other stories of hope restored. We tired to close it down at our usual time because children have bedtimes,  but some of our regular homeless friends who were running late had to tell us their blessings. One guy who was dying three weeks ago was healed and had to come to tell us he has an apartment. He was yelling so loud I want to testify what the Lord has done. I was a dying man now I am alive. I can walk. I have no walker and now I have an apartment God is good!

There were worshippers amongst us. The city streets are filled with the song of the Lord. As we began to sing, homeless showed up with their guitars. We sang and danced. This sweet frail elderly woman who couldn’t have ben more than 75 lbs prophesized over me that I carried the glory of God and that I reflected his love when I sang through the streets. I needed it because I don’t like my voice. That was God. I felt healed when she spoke her words of love. I didn’t get a grandma. Her granddaughter must have dreamt of having such a grandma so beautiful if only she knew such beauty was under all the dirty soot. God hides his most precious pearls. Tonight, I danced with the grandmother I never had in the city streets while the Max train buzz by the mist of a modern civilization, heaven touched down. She loved me, I felt it. Magic was happened. You could feel it, even the grumblers on the sidewalks annoyed by the torment of life started to come into our perimeter. Holy Spirit is laying the boards on the bridge, He says we are almost there. He told me tonight that the sound of heaven is going to come form the broken hearted in the streets. I can hardly wait till this week is over to get to Monday night again. Lord send money and provision so everyday can be Monday night. Let me spend my life dancing with the broken hearted not in a box but in the great big world you created under the stars as our lights, our hearts the amplifiers, our unity what speaks and most of all Lord let them see you. Illuminate your love like a flood and bring all the musicians Lord. Organic, from the streets Lord bring the sound of heaven until the City of Portland is know for the sound of heaven in the streets.
I am grateful for my family and friends who are walking out what God is about to do form the inside out form the bottom to the top for one reason To glorify His name Because we will remember we are all one! Thank You Jesus and thank you brothers and sisters who dare to be more than an evangelist more than a great preacher, more than a teacher. When we put down our titles and we just sit in be Love crowds gather, everything multiplies, and miracles Love and fullness of life begins to birth


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