The Pearls Are opening


I don’t ever write to say look at me. I don’t write about the power of God. My perspective is the Love of God. That’s what I pursue but sometimes the power is what opens up the hearts of man to prepare the heart to receive so I share a touching moment or two. I don’t share the most thrilling or that wow to say come follow the power, that’s not my deal. I share what Holy Spirit shows me that highlights the heart of GOds children and the Heart fo God manifesting in unity.

ITs fun when I go home to visit my friends, the diamonds in the city streets of Portland that light up the city in the very dark places where Gods undercover generals, the boldest of the bold, the ones drenched in courage, the love their lives not unto death and they are saved by the word of their testimonies. They know the Lord deeper than most and yet the still face and battle the pitfalls and tragedies of humanity’s disconnect from love more than anyone probably. they carry the broken. they sit at the feet of Jesus. Some are there by tragedy others there learning who they are as all they never were is literally being taken from them one step and stand at a time. I’m, not God, I just say what I see. If you don’t like the truth ask God about it.

I hear God say darkness cant hide the light of His love. Every week as our eyes are fixed on him an entire city block is being transformed from the inside out. I prophesied today as I was taken up in the spirit standing there with a homeless woman on the city street leaning back in her walker at 10 pm that she was such a general and I prophesied over her the boldness of the Lord along with his Holy Fire and electric shot through me as I said Father anoint your daughter release all I have to her, she cried out in joy, see the chills, I have goosebumps but its fire. (that happens to me when God releases power energy with both his electric current and his fire at the same time) I felt the fire and electric shooting out of me with enormous pulsating thrusting force. High currents and major flow I was lit up and I don’t think I have ever spoken that bold except for when God raised Ria from the dead. The boldness was from the Spirit of unity present with the homeless and the ministers, we had all become ministers. That to me is a greater miracle than the tumor I felt shrink tonight. IT felt like the opposite of a baby kicking as this huge tumor started kicking her abdomen as it thrust about.
That was another lady at about 7 pm. I felt like I was in two realms one standing there as this woman went in and out of lucidness of ecstasy as God healed her and touched her yet in another realm it was as if I was in a scene from men in black and this stomach was doing things stomaches don’t do. I had not seen that much less felt it before but the real miracle was her heart and the look of utter bliss and relief on her face, it was her day!. Now This woman was a homeless Christian mother who had Crones Disease and Colon Cancer. She felt the fire and electric too, I don’t pay mind to the whole supernatural thing like its a tent show, but when they tell me without asking I felt that I know they know its real and they can claim their healing and now they have a testimony to tell. This woman was so happy, it wasn’t 5 seconds after that her best friend and person who watches her children can up and handed her a medical paper saying she too had a terminal illness and was dying. SHe fell to the ground yelling at God. WHos is going to watch my children I’m dying? I said no that’s your old neurology. Your not. You felt it, I felt it He is big God. Will you stand with me? You get healed and your friend both. This is a no cancer area. This is a no sickness area. Darkness has to leave. You carry the fire. You were baptized with the fire, Come join me lets pray for your friend. I prayed you receive all I carry so now join me let kick the devils but together and say not my family. I declared you are my family. I said I claimed you as my household and as such you were extended full privileges because you are Gods family and His family is my family we are one. She got up wiped her eyes and prayed with me for her friend until she couldn’t anymore but that was ok. Its a journey with so much dismay. This woman even after losing everything was still only loving others. That’s the theme of all the people I have met. These aren’t irresponsible people, most are people ravished with sickness dying in the streets but God and those who are willing to lay down fame, attention, look at me mentality, fixership, to unite as a family and be a family – to talk, to laugh to get to know each other. They come back each week too. this is the church! They bond with us and we with them. Our children are there and they bring their pets and children when they are there. We don’t sell church we don’t preach or teach. We love. We do family for real. No surface aloud THis is God I serve as one among many. We all have a function. I’ve made lots of money, I’ve done so many occupations in my life. Tired hobbies, but nothing give me the joy and aliveness that Monday nights do. We don’t give anything to the homeless. They give us far more than we could ever give. you see I know God. I do. One thing He taught me well. Humility
Humility is knowing when we go to the homeless, we learn we listen we love. Jesus is with the broken-hearted. I am never broken-hearted there

Then I got my own miracles. I had the gas meter below e, but I live by faith God provides I was able to drive there and back that’s 30 minutes there and I got lost on the way home, even though I go every week lol so 40 minutes home. That’s driving 70 minutes on the line empty, 40 minutes below the redline of sorry your walking. Of course, My God got me home. He loves me all the time even when I don’t have gas to put in my car He gets me there and home! Why cause He is God and me wlking at 11 pm at night was not in the plan!

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