With My Body I Worship Thee

32559387_10213438120241046_3968007971379609600_nI love to worship. Worship is how I found my way free and how I uncovered me.
In my pursuit of understanding what is worship I have sung many songs, searched out many venues, avenues and suppliers in this very supernatural realm that meets earth.
God started showing me recently that worship and sexual desire are parallels, the old wedding vows said “with my body I thee worship” so we know this isn’t a crazy thought from my head, hence if one lives by the word they also know this truth which I have found to be true. There is nothing new under the sun,
I feel this is an important post to write because we all seek God’s presence and when we step into it and it feels so good and overtakes us, we must learn to not pursue the worship but the God of whom we worship.
It’s like this with a man and a woman. When I am in the presence of God which is most of the time consciously for me, I feel alive, energized, so beyond good the only thing I could really equate it to is the intimacy that God talks about with a man and a woman.
The ecstasy people talk about with sex is but a residual of what I encounter in worship and that’s Holy so I’m not afraid to say that. I found it to be quite a gift in my desert life let me tell you. the goodness of God is not joke.
However, In worship, there are a lot of people who show up because they want the mere feeling, the power, the presence but not the relationship in the trials of life day by day. When the music stops they put themselves back together and carry on with their lives until the next time.
The church knows that when men and women come together for pleasure and then when the moment is over go back to their own individual ways it’s fornication. We know this does not work. We see the evidence of the harm done in the failing family structures around us more than anything. A man and woman who engage with each other in this way are not going to have a firm foundation and neither will we with God if this is how we deal with worship.
I think this is why religion has kept God up in the clouds instead of inside of us where we are as one, and share and walk through in oneness all of the nitty-gritty details of life here in our human bodies and our messy lives. To invite God into your mess and worship Him there and experience the pleasure without requiring all the surface details to be perfect and right is worship.
Showing up to worship on Sunday and then going to live on your own is actually fornication. It’s like going out on a date, having sex and then going home living individual and then coming back together to do it again. If you’re not going home together then you’re fornicating. Fornicating cuts us off from the fullness of what God has for us. It’s accepting a dessert instead of the full nutritious meal that sustains and vitalizes and infuses us with life.
The problem with fornication be it worship, or in relationship, whether it be thoughts in your head or actually acting out those impulses and feelings is it is the same as if you ate twinkies for every meal. We would remain stunted, immature and lacking in the taste for the good things that God has to offer. It’s like trading your inheritance for a bowl of soup and, well, we know how that works out.
I have chosen to let my whole life be worship. I get a lot of flack for my life, but I have chosen to let God in always.
That means always… when I’m avoiding doing the dishes, when I’m a mess, when my thoughts are wrong, when I’m unsure, when I am overcome with the passions of worship and I can’t handle them, and when I am tending to my body’s needs. There is nothing that’s cut off from God. No matter how small, uncomfortable or unseemly.
I don’t think most of us understand how deeply God wants to be invited into our lives – how deep the worship goes. The ancient Jews had a prayer in which they thanked God that their bowels worked properly. I forget to eat and drink often which is out of balance and order so I have been inviting God in this area. “Remind me, God to eat. We are one.” We follow a very earthy God who became human; we would be good to let him into our humanness and in all areas of our worship. Love the Lord God above all else. When we are ready to live a life of worship what we are saying is, “I will live a life of intimacy with God in all areas of my life.”

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