Take the Red pill


The great commandment misunderstood no more in my heart has been set clear.
Scroll in my hand
Wind in my breath
Fire before me
This is my new Normal ,  I know the matrix is more than a movie and I live in my own Narnia I hope that doesn’t offend you.  I don’t lie
If you ask me what is the most crucial pinnicle truth in the bible other than salvation of Christ, I would tell you the greatest call isnt to serve, it isnt to get it right, it isnt to be better or do more.
No the single most key in life is this
To Love God in you with every cell in your body. Deeper than your heart, way past your mind and into that place of synergy where the convergence of light that you are becomes alive and awakened to its natural state. Oneness with Love from the inside out.
To me this is the greatest commandment and only once this is pocessed do we have the capacity to love our neighbor as ourself .
Thank you Jesus for the relenteless love as we live the process, and that grace and mercy escort us like a trio w Love.

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