Symphony of creation


Symphony of creation
silent concerto
are the unspoken words of creation
syllables of silence
an opus to my soul;
sing me a song
I hear the wind call out to me
I feel its kiss on my face
An invitation
the fire of love sears my heart
I am a flickering light
learning to not fight the wind
but to let it bend and bow me into its synergies dance
I am one with creation
Its a dance of eternity
The trees cry out to the sons of God
Will You Be
one with one with thee
chimes of the rain
dancing with the passion of blustery wind
pouring like a waterfall of rainbow tears
from heaven above
the sky opens up and pours out a fountain of Love,
falling falling
is the dark of night
sweet emotive glory
moves in
mist of God invading
occupying the very depths of my being
a storm with me roars
at a snail’s pace t in savoring rapture
of mystery
I am over taken in adoration
undiscovered glory finds me
silent pause
sweet surrender
cannot move
suspended awe
permeated bliss
this is heavens kiss
burning ember caught up in eternal flame
chain reaction
parade of colors
beam of light
feathers extended out to fly
every feather so peculiar
each one a different tale
like a puzzle
we all fit under his majestic wings
faceted together
falling are the raindrops
of promises
more than a thrill
when I take the red pill
in the matrix of life
deeper still I go
into the rabbit hole of life
bottomless without borders
sky that goes through the portals of time
static no more
yet standing still
heaven in me
music notes begin to play
the wind sings it the song of the day
Lilly of the valley blow in beauty
the wild grasses tall begin to sway
they sing of a brand-new day
come alive says the trees
soar high with the birds and the trees
come away in peace
like I never thought I’d know
open up the pathways
of my mind
no more confined
by man not defined
let the hands of time unwind
take my hands off the wheel
won’t settle for a nibble
when my feast is a banquet table
that never ends
don’t say it’s fictitious
my upside-down fairytale
my rabbit hole of promise
this world that I feel
destiny before me unfold
spread out your wings
my dreams
it’s your day to fly
heaven to earth
is the plan
even though at times
I don’t understand
open up the gates
move the hands of time
and let the compass move the clock
to a modern-day tick tock
that all should know
this grandeur of heaven’s door
open to me
This is Free
beauty without duress
me without the mess
captivated by magnificent splendor
upheld to be
all that I ever was
and will ever be
I am the treasure I seek
I Am in me
Let the music of creation play

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