My only offering is my Yes

All I can give you is my… Yes
Everything I have and am, you supply
my breath
my life
my heart
my thoughts
my joy
my ability to feel pain
the eyes of my heart that see
compassion when I feel the heart of another
my gifts
my talents
all I think I am
it’s all from you Oh my God

even trusting you
being willing to let you into the places of me that I don’t even know exist
the good ones and the ones I haven’t yet seen, that you wish to carry away in the sea of yesterday
every moment has it’s purpose
it’s not good or bad
just then and now
I can feel the promise of this moment
I can feel where today goes
it’s exciting
though my eyes are hidden from the majesty
I can feel it in the depths of my being
it’s exciting
like oil dripping from the hands
that rules the highest throne
and in that moment I know
you won’t let me go

we are one
then with the fire
that made the ocean seas and grounds of man
you call me home
into the arms of Love and I am known
like I have never been known
like only a God could know you
a God of Love

I open the door of my heart with my silent yes
you look at me and
that is all you ask of me
letting you in enough
so that you can show me
how believable you are
rewriting everything I thought I knew
with just an inch of the door
I cracked it open
and I felt the wind blow in
it’s the urgency to know your love
the desire to taste the radiance of this birthing
this newness of promise
I think this is what they call hope
none of this is in my control
guard down
heavens sound
is calling me
you won’t be let go
there’s something in me you’ve got to show
you won’t let me go
you won’t hold me too tight
suspended in your majesty
I am beheld by the sound in your voice
your fire is the ties
from you to me
me to you
and you to me
again and again until eternity
this Love that’s alive
set aside for me
a wildfire of forged victory
my God alive in me

no darkness could ever scare me
no devil could take your gaze out of my sight
you are the God of my day
and the God of my night
the one who will never let me go
should I dare to know
the kiss of your love
should I ever roar with you on this earth of clay
like I do heaven as I sit at your feet
day by day
this whirlwind of change
is the movement in me
You, my GOd
bringing heaven to my earth
from the inside out
in a way, I’ve not known
in a way, no man could have shown
upside down you spin me
inside out you wash me
glazed in your sweetness
surrounded by a fire
that melts me into bliss
I have become your kiss

You this God
this one
the fire in my eyes
has begun
the power of the risen one
The promise ahead before me
no longer tomorrow’s day
if I could just let go
let go
of all, I know
hands off
no brakes on my heart
trust you
trusting you to be the God I know you to be
Opening the door to me
come in and be my victory

This God of whom I see
the love that burns within me
The lion I ride
the place where I hide
my refuge
my song
my place of belong
my everything I am
My Jesus
My fire
my one desire
my icing to my cake
my batter
my everything that matters
upside down glory
the overflowing house
where the wind does blow
my green to my go
My moment
my breath
my now
my I am in me
My God 1 in 3
times 3
everything I AM will BE
My all of creation prophesy

the world must be  so upside down
that I would feel such a love
and still yet still only crack the door to love open.
King of Majesty you are
blow me with your Spirit from the inside out
consume me with your fire
saturate me and permeate me
in your kiss; until all, I know God is you
Cause me to ache for you Oh God in such a glorious blissful wonder
that you melt the doors of my soul mind and heart
unhinge me in Love,
till I meet my forever’s forever
open my eternities door here
where heaven meets my earth
and collides in victory
hidden in the beauty of my God in me



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