White Horse of the Galaxy

Above Time
White horse come fly with me
I send up my hearts desire
without a single word
u come
My favorite
My best friend
Beautys breath
Heavens firA whisper in my ear
You emesh me with your mane abaze
Up we soar into the galaxy
Stargate 9f heaven found in me
Ignite me from the inside out
Let your glory flow
Kinetic friction beyond
Love multiplied
Three scored no four
Moving fast particles release
Lights of wonder spinning
Inside me a new beginning
Take me white stallion
w the fire eyes of Love and power
Take me to mercys tower
Music is playing like a lullabuy to my soul
Drowned me until all thats left is water
Water is word
A living word not to be spoken
Water flows
And upon it all light glows
It rises and falls
Rolls and moves
It takes the path of least resistence
And roars in persistence
It takes your breath away
Bring refreshment
It is life
this water molecule
that lives inside of me
Who sets the captives free
Shall we be an ocean tonight
Or a gentle rippled stream
Shall we be the spash
With painted toes upon the sand
Or new life from the fathers hands
The Water Responds
Raindrops falling tears no more
Open doors of heaven are what you stand before
Get ready to ride in the clouds above the sky
For in my might presence you will fly
Wings dipped gold saturated in my shilmmering glory
Cause you shimmer
My twinkle u are
I carry you iny eye
And wher you rest your head
I will lie
Washing my face
Deep deep deep submerging

My cells worship this Father of lights
light thats everywhere with extactic bliss of devine
Worthy name in all of heaven devine and earth below awesome God I praise you so
Sing to you in the depths of my soul this Good always God who has carried me
A silence not otherwise known
Slooowww motion bliss
Extastic glory
Revealed heavens story
This is my secret hiding place
My world I find through the one who is Love
My Fathet who gave the word
My Holy Spirit who carried it to be
My Jesus who walked it out and said Be found in me
My Holy Spirit my best friend white horse of the galaxy
Who carries me to my free and takes me to Jesus inside of me who takes my hand and says climb abord
The wind blows
The rain pours
The lightening crack w l9ves furry
The skies roar
We gallop through heavems door found in me
Threashold of victory
And rest before my Lion
Begining and the end is found through now
Heavens doors open
And are easily found
When you dare to get l9ss in Light
Who slows himself down in sound
This is the mystic magical world of wonder
That opens up to those who like a child believe
Enter in
Open of ye gates of pearl
Whirlwind w in me come alive
And carry me away
Melted into the presence
Theres nothing you cant do.

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