Travelers Crown of Victory

Intercessors release
Forerunners of travel
Hidden from the world
Not yet found
But not from the God who sees
and through His ferocious l8ve frees
The God who lives and l9ves inside of me
Moving here in front 9f me
Calling out into the deep
Filling the cavities of my soul up over around
With his presence abound
Uncontainable this God who who is the Father of all light
You put death in his place
Your mercy flowing
Your power the fire in my veins
The breath that expands me
You heart beat that electrifies me upon each ferverant beat
Electrified to a wonder working God
Draped in majesty
Without a word
Youve already moved from east to west
spoken your word of L9ve
And in less than a breath brought to the midwest
This is the God you are
To a man who foll9ws your heart
But destest your name
Because to him its been deaths tool of shame
The one that caused his life of pain
No more pain
Bring the pain
Water come
He cries on the dirty street floor
And the waters of heaven here pour
Regaurds of the boy soaked in mud
He stands in need this very day
Mockers scorn
The pharasees chuckle as they pound in him down
So when he takes his life they get to preach why his behavior brought deaths door
They will pity him w the death of sympathy
Because they will not give him l9ve or empathy
l9st soul they write the eulogy
Declaring he is no more
But they dont see he s inside heavens door
King in waiting
Learning to be free
On his way from the inside out
To deliver to him self the crown of victory.
Deliver to himself
What He need Jesus did u say?
Crown 9f glory
That God story
Forerunner walking home to remember the God who set him free
Who place his crown of love deep w ithin his soul
And why th er dark holds on
Never letting go
But a day of dawning has begun
And its all because He is a follower of the sun
The sun is light
And the Father through it calls his name
He says by belowed you have no shame
Let me part ty he sea again for in you I so delught
Live another day
Dare to believe in me
You have no chains
In my presence you are free
Come back my son
And live in me
Religion is death this you always knew
You feel my heart true
And thats why I roar for you
Even though you now say you know not my name
I kmow all words are said the same
For v a heart 9f yours is rare to find
I will not take u
At times for your protection Ill break u
But by your side i will run walk or crawl
Until you tried it all
A love that reflects the fathers heart
Hear the voice 9f heaven
Let the read sea part
I am w you
Oh beautiful travler in the night
You wear the heart of heaven
Covered in soot
Hidden for such a time as this
Arise to see the tender meek
Beautiful masterpiece of brilliant love I created you to be
In me you will find your free
No one else but u can u be
So be you

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