Enter the Gates of Love

You Speak to me
You call me near
With just one look with your eyes you call me to walk thru
Walk thru the lies
Theres much more than what we see
Enter the gates
You are right in front of me
We are one
We are two
We are many
Show us what you see
I sing to the Love inside of me
He wipes my eyes
Collects my tears as of they were more priceless than gold
And reminds me He will never let me go
Devine hand of heaven
This God amongst the stars
Who takes my feet up high
Carry me away into the gslaxy sky
Ignite me with the passion of heavens fire which is Love
Teach me to worship you as I stare in to the lights with in my eyes till I see your silloutee found right in me
Face to face
This warm embrace
The God who knows and sees it all and still says
My beautiful song I choose you
This Love
Jesus youre beautiful

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