Mystery Box Life is a story

written from the inside out
standing on my head
I am known for carrying the presence of God!
is that “my oh look at me brag”. not even close, here’s the right glasses for my words LOVE/Jesus did it all for me, I just let go and abandoned all I thought I knew and feel really good from the inside out a joy and glory and power and love no drug, or mouse traps whether it be gold, diamond, dueling power, or treasure could dare compete with , my God and me melted into oneness.
this religion has never done for me!
“Often I’m asked what do you see feel when you soak/worship or meditate Linda”?
I’ll not answer that question, instead, I give you a mystery box, open portal, vortex, vision whatever your language translates so you can process and understand.
When I’m walking through the storm, this song describes what it feels like when I remember and experience the truths that LOVE has consumed me and that all there is is the beauty of LOVE
How I gain understanding is from experience. Heaven goes from the inside.
This song below, if you don’t already know how to enter into open portals God leaves all around… its simple close your eyes. and melt into the presence of God within you, its the you that you already have become even if it hasn’t been revealed to you yet. Its all there inside of you like a flower that blooms when the light shines on it and the water pours over it and the earth holds it together with strength and the togetherness of the dirt fo the ground then and only then its proper time and season will its truly reveal its beauty but it was always beautiful. This is every person regardless of their stage of revealed beauty, God in you is all that’s all that exists really, it’s out of that place everything flows., discovering this and how to reconnect to lighting up you and the world around you, that’s the journey we call life.
He loves us, we love him melted into one it’s a cycle of passion of firey yet rushing glory, a flood, of crashing, rushing, thrusting, internal, eternal,than gushing external, overwhelming, all-consuming, love that leaves chandeliers of heavenly desire, that breeds firey cascading mountains erupting with fire, which spills out into a flood of a hunger, that feeds rivers of passion, that stream into the a single movement that all of creation partakes in as one, when they jsut let go of all they think they know and just be a part of this great catastrophy that is the process of the greatest story ever written, the most sensational and scanalist Love story of all time, its scientic, its musical, and since music is math arythmetic is all over it and of course nubmers lead to virtual computer age which is simply the blue print of what Love/God has already given to us. If you have any doubt look all of creation, look at you. Love/God is everywhere life is, light is, sound is, we are Love is, they are, Love will always be, it was, it is it will always be
Now is the time
time to arise to
just to be
if you haven’t learned how to be
you’re not free
come be one with me
creation awaits
Do you hear the birds sing?
the dolphins swim
they say not the times are grim
look up to see the glory
look down to see my heart
and then don’t forget the most important part
This song is a great mystery box to listen to with headphones and let go of all you think you know and feel the truth that if you have breath the Love/God of the universe is alive in you just waiting for you to melt into the reality that
Love is as you are
and we are so we can be. this is unity
this is free
this is GOD
light victory
it’s not religions or rules
for this is how you be
it is through Jesus inside me
inside you
inside means through
through the cross forbearance,
endurance to gain
understanding and empathy
by walking through life’s storms,
choosing to be the Heart of the Father,
the breath of the Spirit
and the hands of a brother.
through the gift of life
through the gift of hope, vision, and truth but most of all Love
for Love is and always will be all that even exists when all is said and done nothing else matters because nothing else will remain that isn’t framed in Love

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