Never going to let ME go


18342749_1857251421265525_6844180383667194978_nNever going to let ME go

I have those moments,
I’m no different than you
I feel the ache of humanity’
right here inside of me
I feel pain just like you
especially on
those long hard days
when my head is full
and my hands are tired
and all that’s holding me
is the very hand of life
the God that won’t let me go
shift ahhh oohh

if they could only see
if they took 5 seconds to know
what He’s done in me.
Letting go
Letting go
the path to you is just letting go
that’s all you need to know
the path to love
is just to let go
the path to freedom
is to just let go
the path to not failing
is to just let go
I’m failing
I’m failing
I’m failing to be anyone but who I am
The best kind of failure

is to fail to be

anything but me

I am who I Am says I am
I just am
its a miracle this me I now see
I’m amazed
perplexed in awe
I’m in love with me and its not a bad thing
it’s a beautiful wonderful miracle
that after all, ive walked through
the shipyard wrecked,
the foul graveyards
of maimed hearts and delayed death,
to walk past the crooked path
of darkness only he could know.

But there is no darkness
that could even come near
to the embrace of God in me,
we are one
cant be undone
this place
where I found my free.
this heaven
that lets the pain of the cant past go,
and remembers that heavenly dance,
where the flowers of fragrant beauty fall
delicately like feathers from the sky
with passion and gentleness
with a caring sensuous motion
like a whisper in the wind
calling out to me
shhh be still
particles unseen
of heaven
sent from the very the center
the nucleus where it all starts
inside of the Fathers’ heart
as he reaches out
to touch the nose on my face, this is grace.
To just let my guard down

no longer afraid to

succeed or fail,
what if I get it right?

What if I get it wrong?
What if I miss it?

What if I blow it again?

and again? and again?

What if I get it really right?

WHat will be expected of me?
What will happen to my free?
Will you still love me, my God?

WIll I still be okay?
If you could love me for who I thought I was,

all the way through to the me,

I’ve found in you today,
this the me that heaven flows through
If you could mark me and call me your own?
and show me the me you’ve always know
and walk me on the path to showing me                                                                                     the beauty that I am  I was and I will always be                                                                       then surely you are the God for me
The God who walked his Cinderella to the ball
the God who designs the dress with the brath
of his air
and bring the fire in the red in her hair
that the carriage opens the path to rags to Debutant
then you must know                                                                                                                       that hidden in the in the glass slipper is a mystery
I king always provides for his queen
but not all treasures are easily seen
but when you learn to let go
surrender control
and know the this God who holds you in his hand
has got a most perplexing skillful plan
let him bring the war to your dance
surrender not to circumstance
but let your guard down
and fall
fall into the white in his eyes
and count your many blessings
scattered in the stars above
that is all yours when you surrender to love
he wont let you go

I’ve traveled through time and I know the me I am tomorrow. Lord be the difference of all I cannot know
let your glory reign through me like the flakes of the snow in the place surrounded by starlight gazing
fire within blazing
beyond what we call amazing
an eruption of saturated bliss
melting a whisper, the gentle tap of a kiss, and the space in between the next kiss… anticipating, bubbling like champagne uncorked for a moment such as this, dancing keys of wonder
found to most only in slumber appearing everywhere like colors in the sky
the light in the newborn’s eye
giving birth to the promise within
letting heaven touch its feet on ground control
mission no mission no mission for me
abandoned to wreckless love becoming the Wildstorm that ravishes my soul
no matter what I face or where ever my feet go that the world would breathe the breath of love that this love they would come to know
the currency of heaven in a man
the worlds made another bad word
but the facades are being torn
and if we can just begin to let go
we will come to know this God of the universe of which the stories have all been told
the one in whos promises I behold
No, He’s not letting go of me                                                                                                          nor would I ever want to miss a glance,

not a second would I forgo this dance,

alive , soaring, singing, dancing

playing hide and see and round and round

I go in the second of a chance, that’s one drop of wonder

he has hidden for me

in this land of the bold playful and free.

This home that my God has made for me

while on earth

I await my world,  to be free.

Where the children dance and they sing

and you breathe beauty,

you smell peace you taste abundance and fullness

and rest that say melt me

like the waves and trail me down the side of the mountain

in the waterfall of you my God.
when I am in you means the building up inside of me,

heat beyond what mortal man could endure,

the rocks around holding up in honor a cave

for this molten moving glory building,

the building, combustable like an internal rocket

that cannot be contained, loves about to erupt from the inside out.

water rushing on the shore, gentle breeze,

ripples of current, cool breeze blowing through,

chilly frozen glory, sensory assault in the best kind of way

as the seaside runs up and tags me on my toe as if to say your it,

the response of a child is more..

but first I have to run away and take it all in,

breathe in this place where life is born,

when we are birthed to the exhilaration of a moment

that was always meant to be our norm
I hear the grand creator sing to me

from his orchestra of the world that he plays for me
He sings with the waves

He says ” I love kissing your sandy toes.”
laughter abound and in this place I,
the me, I love,
the fearless roaring me,
the one that creates the momentum with the waves as the bounce up and down with so much possibility
yet they know that only the hands of time will move them into action order and a thrusting exhilarating power that declares his beauty his sovernity and his power without ever saying a word.
This is how The great God of the universe evangelizes.
alive in me
I was born to be
and it’s the same me I hope to one day become,
that me,
the me you may or may not see…
the me in Him
that me
Shes free
free to be my own kind of me wrapped in the arms of victory
I let go
He never let’s go
that’s just the way it is

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