What is Beauty

all I hear is silence
darkness all I see in nothing in front of me
then a light emerges out of nowhere
it glows in the darkness
it’s warm
it’s white
it’s gold
it’s wonder
glory in the hole
no atheist in a ditch because in the ditch
the glory fills the space
when humanity has forgiven have to help you lift your face
the one who holds all shall sing you a lullaby
lift your head and don’t you cry
you shall surely live
this isn’t how you die
arise doesn’t mean you get up and stand
you’ve done that more times then they will understand
arise means my hands of heaven shall; lift you
and when you arise my hand of favor will kiss you
through and through
all of humanity will see
my kiss of glory
hidden in the heart of a girl in rags
my Cinderella with the transparent glass humility shoe
so many tears you’ve cried
you know I died for you
carry the heart of humanity with =in your hands
for a vision
Ive given to you
what togetherness means the power of one
before the praises of man were yet sung
a simple word
such meanings world open
opens many doors
burning desire
relentless plea
a firestorm of love bursting
to break out of me
wonderous thunder
rushing waters emerge this bridge now crossover
step by step he takes me
move by move he makes me
this glorious sensation
not word could describe
this is alive
this is free
the wind that blows is the God in me
no longer a victim
will not be held down a; second more
the oceans they move and shift with my roar
this lion of Judah of one with who I am
His name is victory and He declares risen alive in me
so bow you earth below
all frequencies of anti-light
unconfounded shots from my imprisoned brother fall now
you can not touch this honor
you can not pierce this armor coated glory of fire
for it is not me that; you fight
it is not me that you fear
no that’s the knowing that I see beyond the shroud
and see the mirror of your imprisoned bound up self
who hides from what you see
I know that place it use to be me
but my friend my brother
we are as one another
take my hand
let me paint you a story
so that you can see
and feel and enter into to what you could not otherwise know
let’s go through
into the speckles of light
through the sounds that beast do deep
reverberations of what we never thought was or
could ever be
jumping off the pages fo the story we have become the living word in a speckle of a dimension that is black and white and has lost its color
but a splash a splash of rainbow tears falls down form nothing that was like a portal of an open universe
emerging amongst the stars
we are stars don’t you know its more than a fairytale
if only you could see that all you ever were was light and its all you have the capacity to be
throw off every tale
throw off every title
that doesn’t make you shine brighter
feel it
know it
flow with it
who you are
the movement in the strum of every guitar
the bell that whistles when the brows of the man
who finally gets his rest
the eagles young as its thrown out its nest
will you live
will you die
to answer this question there is only one
will you dare to be
meet the sound in the wind
meet the glimmer in a young boys eye
meet the sweat that drops of a defeated foe who can not one second more begin to stand
meet the man who holds the gavel who says what is to be
meet the mother who knows not where she will ever be
the many shades of grey within the rainbow of promise
it’s going to be alright
tomorrow the sun will always come with its brilliant shine
so let go of all you think you know
let the music be your song
let the sounds of heaven be your best friend
let the instruments held by the praises of man be your brother
let the glorious frequencies that put your pain to sleep be your mother
lift your head up oh ye child of heaven
your heaven beautiful song and even in the depths of night
my praises through you I will sing
Owned from the inside out
by the one of whom I worship
so one with him’ it’s he who worships through me
could this be
it most certainly is
because we are
and one means us
even when you cant see
it’s time to wash your face
you hide your self
but your not a disgrace
nor am i
as if we could be anything other than who we really are
captured in this heaven-sent abyss
this love this love
this place that only heaven can create
it takes away the sting of the words hate
so mix into a different beat
find a new kind of groove
step out of your natural stream
let the light within your gleam
in light bright moments and in the deep dark pits you will sometimes fall
remember we are always interconnected always stay humble and kind
for one day before you, every story will rewind
and together we will all be one humanity
sewed up in grace mercy and wrapped deep inside and though love
As the Eagles honor the strength of the mountains
let us soar in synergy
let us become a harmony of all that is and ever was and will ever be one beautiful choreographed moved to a syncopated beat a sweet symphony of a melted together humanity through one beat one sound reverberated into many and more than many until we are our own beauty intertwined exemplifying one another
adding to one another lifting one another and collaborating with one another in a way that takes the breath away for the birds, sways the trees and brings peace and comfort to all humanity way past the stars or what we think we know back to the one who created us and has waited for us to simply know that we are loved and now we can begin
now we can say we think we know which way we should go
one with love is the beginning
until you can love in a way such as this
in the fire
in the trenches
in the deserts storms and in the territory all that is destain
I believe only then do we even begin to understand that all there is love
so let love be your highest call
if I lost everything I ever built, and everything I have ever loved just to know that I am but a star in the sky,
amongst many, that light up the sky and we all tell a story of beauty and majesty if this is my treasure
then this is my gain that I shall see the beautiful thread of love and light that is my God who holds us together even when one another beauty we all have eyes to see.
Oh this tapestry of wonder sewn from the beginning of time
the head and tail and the dime swollen up in myth
as the times shift
but one thing that will never change is we are who we are
who we are created to be
lights of glory awaiting to burst free
shine bright shine bright
shine oh brightest start that lights
waiting for the day when looking at me
means look at; you
and look at my brother
because if I fall
you fall
you fall
I fall on my knees
say let’s get up, please
don’t you see it
the beauty
the glory this DNA of heaven thread
it swirls around in rainbow color
when you reach out to lift another
explosions o promise
when you walk another into victory
this is when we’re truly free
when I get to ignore you is to ignore me
so I will love you while you learn to see
because to love you is to love me
I will help the man on the corner whether you think he’s good or bad
whether my day be happy or sad because you and I are a harmony where we can or can not see
so to love you is to love me
and if I am to say I love the one who is divine
and if I declare his presence I am found
to love my brother I am bound
so now we search for the real treasure to know
how do the stars shine so brightly up in the vast dark sky of the limitless blanket of nothing suspended in glorious light lined up in a majesty of perfection or all that ever was and all that will ever be to be captured it is Beauty.
For this, we look to the Father of lights
who gave us His morning star the wise man knew to follow
for every light that shines brightly
has an earthly smile.
What is beautiful is the question that we seek
Show us what beauty beheld looks like when its shines
 “Let it begin!”,are the cries within me.
You said it was finished os many years ago
why don’t we yet live like we know
 that we are stars in the sky
like Christmas lights
stranded together in glory
awaiting for the light to go on
and the light to shine
and declare to a world who seeks to know  “What is Beauty?”

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