Street corner perspective 5cents for free

Street corner perspective
5cents for free

Could we learn to be together
While i drowd in my tears of dispair
Will the people do more than say I care
Will you hold my head up
When I just cant see
Will you feed the orphan child light years away
From what you understand
One day maybe well stand man we woman child in God
Hand and hand

Sing a song of freedom
I can feel it with in my bones
I pray I call out
I scream
I dance
I shout
That thats day of victory
The one I have dreamed of all my days that the universe would be
One family

Family of love knitted together
Never trying to be like another
No we all must gimmer in our own shine
We are our own color in the
Rainbow promise
The gold that we are of the devine
Melted together is the truth they have yet to see
This light that gives me my energy
My essence to be
Its the same light you
Look if you dare. HES SHES Everywhere
Open your eyes to see
Loves manifesting kiss
The breathe of victory
This truth that we really have just begun
To even think we could truley know
Just how deep the waterhole may go
In spit of all we’ve been through
Through the pain we grow
Over the mountains under the depths
Through the valleys of dispair
The tree of life is there
A river of life
So refreshing
A place where u find u
Inside what is and will always be
Beyond religion contentions of the most brilliant minds of masterful men we go
Wonderous myseterious perplexing possibilities of everything and all wrapped up in the candy coated paper 9f nothing that ever was or will ever be. Lifes an upside storybook of mystical magic or righteous perfection learned w strife Be sure to know that love is what leads you to the door of life.
Knock knock
Whos even there
I searched the c world everywhere
And t hen this wind blew with in my soul
And sucked away the deep dark hole
Of pain and hate that had been given as the experience humankind had with then all they could said lets pray
Then walk off and leave me that way
Ive fallen down and i cant get up
Thank you for your food can Of deep love charity. I mock you not
I guess you dont understand
Its clear you cant see
The bars of iron holding me here
You say arise
You sing a song
You say to me ” You belong!”
And I agree
So I guess ill sing w u and enjoy your free
Ill celebrate here even while in this pit
I sit while you run in your fields of dreams we are still one
Our understand has yet begun
And when the rain shall pour down from the sky we shall all see
I am is alive we are all tucked together hidden in the word me

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