Otherside of the Illustion of Alone

I wonder what it would be like

To be seen as treasure

To be sought and found

To be posessed in glory

as if All I was,

was love

To say good morning

To be kissed goodnght

To lay in the arms of all that is beauty

To be held like a woman

To be cheerished like im heaven kiss

Maybe thats my wish

As i could even know

If such a love could exist

Surely i could not resist

Such a kiss

A kiss from heaven

Just for me

When i close my eyes i feel it

Then I know i am free

Alone alone

The illusion

What a confusion


Illogical demention

Its sad happy and true

Love face not often shown

Will u dance w me

Will you sing me a love song

Till in your arms i know i belong

And never let me go

This is the dance of love

A kiss that never leaves

A breath that lets u breathe

A heart that beats next to mine

I am yet still a treasure to be found

Waiting on destiny

To remember me

Knock will u say whos there

Do u even care

I guess only time will show

Which way the story shall go



Heavenly fire

4th of July kind of desire

The kind that once it let go

All the colors begin to flow

Untamed passion

The otherside of alone

Nothing in my heart is even close to stone

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