Only One are we Free

Only One are we Free

The street lights of my life
Scattered and dim
Lonely cold raindrops one by one they fall
Dreams that never were for the all

Step away with me
Step away
Into the land of garden trees
Where beauty blows with the breeze
Come come alive
Come alive
Let the wind blow in your hair
Streatch capture majesty
Spin around
heavens roar
is the storm
your brewing there
The wind and the waves
in contention
Bow to your every presence
Inner firestorm brewing

This life it is the toss of the coin
Rim, …head… tail
Yes Ive read your mail
I felt it in my soul so deep
It is why u always see me weep
Take off your mask
Dont you yet see
There is no seperation from the head or
The tail

That is the riddle of the devine
Lady Wisdom present
Will she be found
The head and body go together
Like the wind is the weather
Its not weather or wind
Its wind in weather
Friend in brother
Inside mother

The lie of humanity
is the rim that divides us
As if its really even there
All that awaits us
Is for us to really care
Care beyond measure
More than a facebook friend
Hand in hand
True man woman
child in the mirror
The beauty behind
the lies that we see
The smile awaiting to be free

Fly away
Risk taker
Daring to be
Emerge explode break free
Say i will be me
That is free
Free to unleach the bold
Free to say sometimes i break
Free to crumble into whatever i was born to be
Confidence in the masterpiece in me
Is the begining to free

So how can i hate another who is merely lost from the beauty they think are yet not this…
Will…. one…. day…. be
Listen here me cry
There is free in I
Because I is all
Nothings ever seoerated from me
This is free
No heads
No tails
The rim to divide
Sky no longer a limit
So much more than we know
But in togetherness we shall go
Because we are
Even if we cant yet see
We are one this blanket of lights
We call humanity
Only one are we free

Linda Barnett

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