Light me up

Free flow in heaven a break from the earth this partial hell i know
Sorry if that makes you squarm and squeak
Its real its hell for many
But take no worry his presence sets us free
Deeper deeper deeper we shall go in tbe universe way past this natural sky
To the place with in mh inner eye
Take me farther deeper
More gently
Let me fly away like a feather in the sky
Let the wind carry me
Until im remember im a star
And we all see each other as we truley are
Let me become the sound the you feel when the music plays
The yerning
The burning
The sweet tanible hunger
The one that say i want more
More of this freedom i find within me
When i begin to let go
And simply flow

Beat by beat
My body moves w the raindrops of heaven
The worlds symphony
The wind blos
The rocks cheer thier deep sound
Even the ants below dig thier tunnels
In way that proclaims beauty sought is beauty found
So what shall we do
When our lives are broken through and through
Yet we are whole
We are free
We are waiting just fot the chance to be me
While the paradise dreams rain around all we see
In joyful admiation we celebrate wait watch and see
To say your hearts broken isnt bad oh humanity
For only when were honest can heart begin to see
Under the sea
Of dreams
We hide
Over the deserts we have come
Faded into his glory
Dying to be free
A deeper death than death itself is when all you see is Hope alive in me.
When your last hope is gone
When your glimmer has lost it shine
When your under the sea
And no one seems to know that your drowding
As if your all youll ever need
As if you were the soer reaper and harvestman of your every seed
Lost in this nothingness
Day by day planting seeds 9f victory
You come to a day when to look ahead is not something to can do
Aheads a word thats lost it meaning
And all you know is its time to sink or swim soar
Take a chance
Be a fool
Because theres so much inside of you
Anyway and forever
eternity all that was and will ever be
Is connected w me
So life is hard ive seen it all enough to know
Sometimes that just the way it goes.
The begining to free
The answer is the light within me
It will all unfold
Nothing good shall ever be held down
Ever treasure on its day shall be found
Straight from the soul we shall go
Connected to light the soul is the fire
Purified desire our hidden wire
The thread of Glory
Light christmas lights
Heavens strand of victory
Light me up

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