Divided with Shattered Perspectives… Without a Hand


Perspectives from a street corner
Get a job!The other day.  I thought to get a job and then I thought.
Get a job what that really mean?
Does that mean that unless I get paid the job I do is nothing?
What if the mere fact that I can still stand brings hope to a world who dares to think they have it all figured out.
That they would dare to believe they don’t have to settle for complacency and call it peace for
tolerance and call it love.
sometimes I can feel you say stop talking through the movement in your eyes
not right or left but deep within
I see you shut me out
a thief you declare me to be
stealing the value of your time
for I can not give you a dime
so the door is slammed shut

no hand was  given to me
though not action or  word is ever spoken
I love your words pretty sounding that they be they don’t carry

light frequency
merely an empty token
for there is
no opening in your house
not the castle
within the fields
our your soul
in the garden where
each morning you start
connected and held in the universe in beauty and balance held and beheld by love illuminated the sky you are
all that awaits
is for you yourself
whos that?
because you are you
and I am me
but in together.
I, folds into we
we go into one;
which is in everything
and all
and in this place
the glorious begins to fall
and we become as we always were melted into one
like rays shooting from the sun
Molton lava of many colors of light
taken into flight
sly away liquid glory
evanescence shining star
born of majesty
incubated in majesty
through the hallows of hell on this earthy realm pain
we found heaven in the places of disdain
treasures are all around us if we dare to see
but beware compassion is contagious
it is the path of processing this truth that there are two roads to victory
one traveler on this road runs after the tail of victory for it chasing after it with its every breath
and one quits and says I cant do this after trying and trying and trying!
who do you think finds victory first?
The one who quits first
in overcame my greatest fear
which is not that I would fail
but rather that the world would see
that they had been conned by me because i was, in fact, worthless and
indeed a failure in disguise as a success
daring to be dressed up as a worthy me,
the one I could see, the one I wished life would let me be
The one I know I am, so God took everything away from me
until I saw the real me
and now I know that it was indeed a lie
that my worth is defined by what I do or try
I found out the craziest most outrageous truth of all
that I was the me, that I saw
and just because the world could only value me greatly when I brought to it cash
treasures on earth won’t forever last
but the words of a friend
spoken from the heart
at your very last moment’s end
will be your start
guard the treasures you are given
they aren’t the ones you think they are
some spend their lives in search fo buried treasures only to see an empty box and feel cheated
while others look for the code
for they know that the unseen is always talking moving intwining with the seen realm and if we are still in enough we must just see them merge the clouds the pass the airplane that flies up in the sky
there are many ways to fly
may skies to soar
and many oceans yet to be known
many paths yet to be traveled yet heya re all the same
and if you’ve seen one
you’ve seen another
because they are all saying the same thing over and over again
in every language and every code
can you see it
will you hear
it what is it the waves and sandy shore say?
what does the wind and the leaves and the branches as they sway and move what is the song of their grove?
What does a child say when he yells charge or hide and see tag your it one run to and one runs away,
in out
up down
half full glass
glass half empty which will it be
do you see the patterns of reality?
a mathematical equation is there to be found
it plays over and over in every single sound
in everything that exists a treasure is to be found
Could I be found worthy like I know myself to be
that I would be granted opportunity
WHere two or more agree so shall it be the say is true and I believe its so
So I am my one, and the creator of all that is within me is my two so it sealed and signed and to me, it shall be true
WHatever is put before me He will guide me on what and how to do. Whenever the door is closed and all the songs say you have not got a chance
remember we are all sewn together not by circumstance
but by the one who loves who puts the light show in our eyes, the makes the very heartbeat that gives us wind and fire and all desire in its purest state
he is love and never hate
wrapped in mercy and the accordion keeper
the hands of time
the compass and the wheel
the voice inside what your molecules feel
the begin to finding the truth and all that is real
for what yo usee is not all you get
and that my life id surely bet
you call me a fool
hey you get to live by your rules
but as for me
I am free
even in this prison of a world that
will soon pass to be
I am awaiting my destiny to meet my victory
and until that day
I will sing his song
whether I am loved or whether I belong
my od alive in me
my Od my victory
my God the one I love beyond words
on light shining
on light combining
so here’s the humor of the funniest God I know
as he smiles when those reject me and I am sad
He reminds me
that they will one day see they’ll never really get rid of me
they’ll run and build their barricades of the divide
to walk into heaven and see
it’s a lot like me
heaven is a peculiar wonder
so be free to be so we can see the beauty in you, I’ll be free to be the beauty in me so you all can see
the beautiful collaboration this cosmic dance when we extend a hand to another
that dance of the Galaxies, heavens and more
the Glory of the highest heavens calls “WE”

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