a Riddle or a Rhyme or a Treasure

Secrets from the secret place a riddle or a rhyme or a treasure from the vaults of my heart I bring
Is it a song without words I attempt to sing
I’m a rebel in the minefields of my mind
a cave so deep
up and down the tunnels of thought
narrower deeper
into the center of truth
I go
superstar moving in heavenly places
a warrior of truth so tall and proud
because we stood together and chose what is right
that’s the picture of tomorrow
you’ve got my back and I’ve got yours
these tours of war we’ve taken
the memories that from us were forsaken
strengthen within
the love light
that opens the door
to the worlds beyond
that is
that will always be
my secret
here it is
heaven moves through
through you
and through me
in our darkest days
and in our victory
melt with tides of all that is
science declares the beauty
nature sings a song
mankind is the only one who screams out
you don’t belong
words of pretty ya I’ve heard them all
so too did even in the great big fall
words packed with intent
but if you are still the worlds will sing your belly a song
you will fill feel the wind sing
or you will feel your soul gong
pause your breath build your trickery higher
who break ties with the liar
cause you are beautiful
look into your eyes to see
the light that shines
to set you free
free not from the ties
that hold you down
but free from the lies inside your head
the ones that bring the tears
they pretend they are your voice
they say
“whispers Beauty has evaded me”
whispers of doubt
to steal your today
don’t worry about your tomorrow
it will only bring you sorrow
find the joy in every moment
go straight through your soul
as if there’s a place within you light does not know
let it all unfold
be who you are
be set
be true
be surrender to be
surrendered to me
is to be surrendered to you
and surrender to the one that is and will always be,
for I am up and you are down
then before the music switches another sound I can partake in your heavenly sound
and we can shift with glory sounds
gears are shifting time is moving
sidestep goes on
it just is it will be
it can’t be any other
it just is
tick tock
more than a nursery rock with a guy name doc
every rhyme has it reason
and every due has it season
oh don’t you know
as the rain pours down on another day
the sun shines somewhere
and the rainbow bridges the two
until they become a picture of majesty.
If life is a canvas the master paints his will in the sky, Id have to concur what I am sure
that the very essence or proof we are alive is, in fact, our ability to be selfless, compassionate with every breath that we are given may we give 10 breathes of love back to humanity.

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