Heaven’s Falling

10348618_1538335636490440_1640604656662000508_nHeaven’s falling, falling now
The people fall into slumber of the dreams of who they are to be
Everybody’s got song bursting to be free
Dance around and dreaming of all I think I know
Only to find myself laughing because I thought green meant go
It’ss an upside-down fairytale with diamond that sparkle and shine
But the greatest of all treasures
Positioned in His love to find
There is a place where grief meets joy
And strife knows no place
Dropping on my knees
360 degrees you take me
Farther than the bounds of man
Past the sorts, I can’t and can
a living victory of love you are to be
A present to a world breaking to be free
Goodness in the mess
Your living waters rushing over me
Floods of glory
Fountains from above
Jesus, you take me
Hand stretched open to the bright blue sky
Absolute surrender abandoning questions of why
To feel your heart beat next to mine
Heavens fire in the depths of love I dive
Through the depths of depending in the mist of glory as it fills.around
Angels sing hallelujah
Bringing forth heaven’s sound
Take me farther
To know the limitless weight no longer held by what holds one fixed in one track
Not bound by laws of nature that says there is lack
Presence of the one who fills my today’s.with hopes kiss
Sealed from heaven Cinderella’s wish
To know a love like no other and to burn the coals of what’s still unknown
Though it’s there wading about in the oil
Held by the hands of Father
Holder of my time
Writer of my rhyme
Lover of my soul
To the one, I long to deeply know
Heavens fire has a kiss
Succulent glory has served the banquet dish
So take a bite of the fruit of love
Knowing all Good things come from above
A voice calls my name
Says come a little farther outside the lines are drawn that we draw around our place that we want no one to see
Open access to heaven flooding every part of me
A voice calls out daughter be still
Place in my hands all that is given to will
go sit and wait for the red in the light of do not go
Become your life force within His blood that flows from your heart
To what you think you know
Lay down your mind
Rest rest rest
The night calls your eyes to travel to another yet revealed story
Chasing after his love
While others chase the trail of glory
Where its just ok along way
Rest my child get ready to receive another day
Love life connection

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