So Much Grander Than Simply Me

17103308_1815094715481196_1516041705902390828_nFather of kindness
Giver of mercy
I sing to you a song
A song of love Divine
A song of which no mere mortal
On his own accord shall find
How can I speak of a feeling like so grand
You balance the world between the space of each hand
Giver of glory
The kindness like no other
Sweeter than a newborn baby to its mother
I rest
I know
Hunger burning
Zekis Wheels turning
Faster faster
Round and round we go
To the When and where till of the hands of time begin
Living the life where it’s not about the win
Morning dew dancing presongs of jubilee
Feel like a new song arises in me
Sing sing sing a song that has no sound
For music is where ever light is found
Lift your head oh yea gates
Let King of Kings Glorious one
Enter in
The Hands of Time play a click click click melody
Cause it’s so much grander than simply me

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