Releasing a Word For June


Releasing a word today. June is a new season.
Shiftings coming from the north south east west.
Unilateral is the word I hear.
Doesn’t matter what cycle you’re in. What layer or dimension you’re are in. This is a full crescent pivot.
Now that you’ve paused.
Now that you’ve gone from what you will do for me, God says,
To what you have always been. The love of the Father’s heart released as hope in skin, not his rescue team.
You are going to see new openings where doors had been closed.
Like a string of threads loose no more are you.
Don’t you know each strand has a color unique but when they are pulled together they are a collection of promises tied to one promise.
When you cast your rod in
Cast in My promise to you. The main theme.
And watch 7 threads of promises times 7 times 10 be the fruit one one swift swing as you declare I am Faithful. as you rise singing shouting faithful in plenty to rags and now learn I am the Faithful restorer.
Rest in My promise to you my child.
Put your confidence in my faithfulness.
Your answer is as my answer because you have entered my rest.
Faithful you were child
Faithful forever in me you will be.
I say my promises to you Child are Yes and amen for you.
Faithful, I am your God
And faithful my child you have been.
Oneness full circle
This next season let me show you my goodness
Let me showcase to the world
That You are my faithful lover drenched in truth w compassion kiss.
As you showcase to the world that freedom isn’t free until its alive full abundant and in a place to overflow. First in my kingdom. Then I will you use to be a paradox that man can not explain to take the logical out of thier minds for heaven flows through the heart.
The church must begin to lay down natural solutions for supernatural kingdom set ups.
We are no longer going from natural to church or natural to supernatural. Its glory to glory.

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