Rags to Glory Dress


Walking down the path
I remember pain
no more
But yet
He takes me
He speaks without words of man
but still, I hear him
loudly throughout each cell I am
let me show you
the difference
between good and fair

Crying in the dust
She lays there
Bruised knees
Cuts on her head
Yet I can’t miss
the deep desperate aching
hunger in her eyes
so many chains
Bolts and metal
so thick
in Mason
No trees
no beauty
no grass
Poison for her portion
Strapped down
having her dreams cut out of her
Devine mutilation
Jaws ripped open
put in a vice
Head born of glory
now filled w lice
Left no more is life
Beaten broken
Rollerskates of life
kick violently
into her mind

Why am I here
What shall I find
Who is this girl
Why does she cry
Why ugly words darkly
scribbled over the face of
her beauty
Why can’t she fly

No sunlight
No air
It makes no sense
It’s just not fair
Outraged I become

She’s face down
Her hair’s a mess
Tears and tears and more tears
Potato sack dress of soot
soaked in fears
Lord stop the Hands of time
forever in this place
Human disgrace

A whisper in the wind say blow heavens wish on her
And I do.
I pick up the cries of my heart in the form of a weed and as I blow it my heart cry is heard
Like fireflies of light dancing in the air
Ushering the one who holds the truths of good and fair
In a moment a light flickers in the room
In walks.the king The bridegroom
Such mercy
Such grace
He lifts out his hand
He says without a voice
The music starts to play
The beat moves her feet
Music Moves
Music sweeps in with the fog of glory
Music sings to her a song she’s not heard
Revelation come forth birthed out of hopes cry
When heaven declare death o not this day
I hear the King of musicing to her with melody in tunes that move the depth of who I know myself to be
He says with the string and a key
you had the wrong picture to the story
He moves in this King who is music.
His emotion a melody that captivates my soul
Flowing through me like fire contained
In the face of all that is distant
He took the cup of poison and he drank it. I wanted to scream no
Please no My King please stop
Don’t you know that will kill you
Don’t you know it holds.deaths.sting
It was for me to wear that ring
Alone in the room
With the girl who lost her song
I cried for this little girl
Emotion stirred in my heart
The red sea of her world began to part
The music began to beat again
I don’t understand it
It makes no sense to me
Who is this King
Who pours a new cup of wine.
This love its Devine
Up from the friend she rises
Angels carrying her
She hops on the white horse of lightening in the highest degree
As he rides her on the wings of her dreams
Breath of breath and life of all lives
Rushing through her soul
Faith arises
Mercy floods
Firestorms eternal
Beauty arise in your song
When her feet touch the clouds
She is crowned w the King of Fire
Face.down in a whole new way
Storms of his furry coming alive
Love gift to a world that has lost its heartbeat
In human skin with the King of Fires.feet
Lightning fills the sky
Rainbows sideways and upside down
Raining glory
Raining freedom
Raining heaven in this place
Beat by beat the drums roll on
The string of His harp have begun to play
Heaven’s new day
Realities dream
When yesterday meets today
And shakes peace with all that Was and Is and Is to be until its free
Free to melt into Love and walk into today. Knowing TOMORROW is.heavens.reply
The question to your answer is Will you Be love? Will you choose to die? Will you lay down everything you think you know that fear says you must hold so tight? Will you let go?
Will you let me love you? Will you let me drink away my all your opinion?
Will you fly high into the dreams that Were and are and will always be
Will you let go of the pain
The lies
The chains?
Will you let your gift to me trust
No for man
They aren’t ready yet
Pace by pace step by step I will walk you out of this mess
It’s not you
Do you hear me
You know
You feel
You know its all a lie
So don’t get up
Stay down
Please be.the fighter that knows its time to quit
Stay down
Do you hear me
Don’t.get up
Put your face down
It’s time to be
No more this-that
Run here run there
No more stuffing because
There’s no more room
Let me drink the cup of this wrath says the King of love to you
Please just call out with  all the pain and only one drop of hope
Heaven floods through
Angelic music thunderous moves me in a.way I can not speak
God lifts the humble He carries the meek
Melt into your glory
Don’t you know heaven’s love song is calling you
Do you know it’s your freedoms? Victory day
Raindrops and giggles fill this place
So lost in the flood of his goodness
Forgot about the race
Surrender is where the glory is found
And his glory is His expression of His heart for you.
Your right God
I see now the difference between good and fair
Thank you.
You’re a promise keeper
You never ever let go of us
Even when we think were the mess
You give us rags for glory dress

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