Music Box Dancer

18556143_1862015414122459_3362736307704919186_n-2Music box dancer
Your story has not been erased
From the one who gives the pen to hold
from the lips of the Father, your story will be told.
There’s a reason for everything oh don’t you know
The hands of time and begun to wind
The hand that holds the clicks has set into motion the turn of every gear
For the time the hour the moment of your destiny unveiled is near
Seek me and you will find me
You must Close your eyes to see
Music box dancers movements of glory
Nothing left to barter nothing left to trade
Surrenders sweet song of victory is won
Found in the eyes of the heart buried deep within the son
The lion of Judah He guards this place in which I get to go
My upside down world of truth of which few even know
Where the music box dancers get to go.
Where the hands of time stand still until forever
What dreams are birthed
Creativity and invention born. Scrolls rolled out into the doors of past defeat
Gold dust of heaven melted into the souls of your feet
The dance of today is no longer retreat
So pick up your toes wiggle them if u can do that to
And let the KING OF GLORY flow through you
You were born to shine so shine

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