River of Life and Glory



Why preach
Why teach
Why work
Why stand
Why eat
Why drink
Why speak
Why engage

This river of life I’ve found in the midst of this desert land has digested me in glory. Like rushwaters of exuberance, I feel the life force and the melodic autumn that calls me home. Centered still everything evaporates dissipates then infuses in love goodness joy of all joys washes over like a masterful of simplicity I breathe in the morning dew. The sunshine dances like a firefly at the break of day. All of the creation asks, “Will it be today?”

Will the sons and daughter arise…
So we must
preach beyond words to people
teach by how we live each moment
work because we were born to create
stand because we are a city on a hill
eat because His menu is divine
drink beyond never thirst again
speak because His words bless our mouths
engage because it’s who we have become
One by one who is one with all
To know God is to live fully alive

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